Ricardo Campello | 2nd PWA Gran Canaria 2014

A champion is not happy to be out from the podium. A champion needs to find his motivation, be loved, supported and he will take out all his talent and hunger, to get back to the top. This has been Ricardo Campello at the PWA in Pozo. Joining the Black Team this year, working hard on development with his team, and in Pozo just not making the 1st place by 0.3 points.

With 11 fresh stitches on his foot, he went in the water like a real warrior, defeated Philip Koester at his home spot, and advanced all the way to the final. The Monkey is now hungry for more and ready to become a Tiger and hunt further! For Point-7 an honour to have jumped first time on the PWA wave podium with the Black Sails.

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This is another dream we had in our mind in Point-7. We wanted to show that our sails are not only able to become Vice World Champion in slalom, but that we develop and build high level performing sails in all disciplines. Ricardo has been pushing us to include in our development all he needed to get there. We did not limit his dreams, and we did everything possible to give him what he wanted. We are proud to have this kind of warrior on our team, who did not surrender even with 11 stitches on his foot, doing one handed, and footed aerials, keeping in the strap the foot with the cuts. The boy is hungry for more, we love it!
Andrea Cucchi