The all new Point-7 Slash – Freestyle Unlimited

Point-7 Slash

More lift, more pop, shorter boom, high base … light weight! These were the requests from our freestyle team when development of the new SLASH freestyle unlimited was initiated. To meet the requirements of the team a large dacron panel was introduced to a to a 4 batten construction, to create earlier planing and more pop in the sail. The straight profile in the top of the sail combined with a tight leech allows for super easy ducking of the sail and backwinded tricks. No gimmicks has been invented or stitched onto the sail – The team requested the most functional freestyle sail possible with a slashed down weight to have no holds for pulling the fastest and highest moves. We came out with the Slash.

Price from £405.00

Scubapro X-Force BCD, RRP £449.00, RoHo Price £345.00

Scubapro X-Force - view 1

X-FORCE is more than a powerhouse of features, making it perfect for passionate and advance recreational divers. New, pre-formed wrap-around bladder provides higher buoyancy with increased volume in lower back. Say goodbye to squeezing with its superior fit and weight distribution, for unbelievable comfort.

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Mares Puck Pro Computer – RRP £185.00, RoHo Price £150.00

Mares Puck Pro Computer

Everything you need, nothing you don’t
• Slim design for a perfect fit
• Large display for superior readability
• Intuitive user interface
When Mares introduced the Puck dive computer on the market in 2008, it sent a shockwave rippling through the industry: a super intuitive, easy to use, full-featured RGBM nitrox computer at an extremely competitive price. Now we are doing it again. Though improving on the original concept was not easy, we did so by implementing a larger display in a slimmer design, then added upgradeable firmware and multigas capability. All the bells and whistles, no unnecessary frills.
Puck Pro is the computer that can accompany you through years and years of diving adventures.

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