Windsurf Board of the Week – Tabou Rocket Wide 118 CED 2015

The Rocket Wide and Rocket Wide LTD are made for freeriders who want more time on the water! It will bring you to another level.

We invested lot of time and a crazy number of hours testing to achieve the wide freeride board that we are very proud to present you now, offering an incredibly easy, wide range!

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RRP £1349.00, Now Just £799.00

Tabou Rocket Wide 118 CED 2015

Windsurf Deal of the week – Tabou Speedster LTD 75 2015

When you want the best of both worlds, top speed and freeride easiness, look no further than the SPEEDSTER!
The development of these boards comes right from the Manta range for speed, and the Rocket range for maneuverability. You get it all in one great range of boards! A plethora of footstrap locations allow you to custom set up the board for your particular style and water conditions.

RRP £1649.00, Now Just £899.00

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Tabou Speedster LTD 75 2015

Windsurf Sail of the Week – North X-Type 7.8 2012

North X-Type 7.8 2012

Performance – No.Cam
It also works without: The 2012 X_Type once again proves that sails without cambers can still be real performance engines. The secret is the reduced aspect ratio that was taken over by the World Cup winning sail WARP F2011 plus the relatively high sail foil tension which guarantees maximum performance even without cambers.

RRP £579.00, Now £349.00

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North X-Type 7.8 2012

Windsurf Deal of the Week – Gaastra 100% 370 RDM Mast

Gaastra 100% 370 RDM Mast

The GA 100% RDM mast range are light and strong. These masts must with stand the forces of mother nature and continue to do so with our team who constantly pushes the limits! Built with the highest quality carbon fiber and cutting edge technology the GA 100% RDM delivers ultimate performance from the 340 and upwards!

RRP £439.00, Now Just £339.00

Gaastra 100% 370 RDM Mast